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Combining years of experience innovating and providing solutions for companies in various industries, we offer a thorough analysis to optimize your processes and bring your project cutting edge engineering expertise.We use industry leading software for process optimization and utilize innovative models to recommend changes in your systems to create reliable and precise outputs according to your company's specifications.

Our Approach

The Challenge of Process Optimization

Process engineering plays a crucial role right from the outset of a project's life cycle, extending through the stages of design, development, commissioning, and operation. We initiate concepts, collect pertinent data, assess the commercial impact, and identify project risks, all while bolstering investor trust.Our team collaborates closely with clients to pinpoint the essential elements of the proposed project. We've discovered that this early-stage, comprehensive planning and investigation not only conserves time down the line but also deepens the collective understanding of potential outcomes and markedly diminishes the risk associated with complex problems.Efficient process engineering paves the way to reduced capital and operational expenditures. Our team employs a detailed-oriented approach to every facet of process development and operation, enabling us to provide guidance on the most effective utilization of energy, water, and other resources. This strategic advice assists our clients in fulfilling their engineering process design objectives and confidently meeting their broader operational targets.We apply proven, real-world experience and an interactive, collaborative approach to your organization’s most sophisticated process engineering challenges. Working cross-functionally with your team, we provide the support required to drive process optimization and the development of critical prototypes and tools.

Our Solutions

Our Proven Methodology

Committed to innovation, our team aligns an impressive range of process-based tools, assessments, benchmarking strategies and other techniques. We couple this expertise with your organization’s unique culture, timeline, and business requirements to achieve optimal results.We look for redundancies and opportunities for streamlined operations to enable revenue assurance, recommending process improvement plans based on best practices and industry benchmarks.Leveraging these insights, we work to develop a detailed implementation roadmap to ensure the timely achievement of key objectives.

Collaboration with manufacturers and product design teams is a key part of our work when solving unique process engineering and design challenges. Our team can contribute as early as the concept development phase and walk you through front-end engineering (FEE), process flow diagrams (PFDs), and piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).

Novel Methods

Computational Modeling

We use emerging computational tools and algorithms to enhance process design, process control, and monitoring capabilities while creating sustainable, effective, and economic process models.Our company is currently in the process of developing machine learning approaches to solve the problems encountered when engaging in multi variate statistical process monitoring and the creation of fault diagnosis systems.Through the development of computational modeling systems that take into account chemical properties, structure, and reactivity, we are in the process of finding precise methods to impact specialized chemical material design.

Minimizing Process Risk

Our process design and optimization is aimed at minimizing process risks while achieving the level of efficiency, reliability, and safety required by the project owner.We provide inclusive solutions to process optimization that contain detailed information about the process design and development, such as a process design basis, datasheets, reports, and more.We provide our clients with extensive experience to address existing challenges and provide viable solutions for any process expansion.We develop conceptual designs that include flow diagrams, mass and energy balances, equipment needed, rough cost estimates, and more.We excel in bench-scale and/or pilot plant data analysis and detailed process design basis development while taking into account raw material specifications, plant capacity requirements, product specifications, critical plant operating parameters, available utilities specifications, individual unit operations, performance requirements, and process regulatory requirements, along with all other operating goals and existing constraints.

Who We Are

About Us

Backed by a combined 40+ years of experience, our team works at the intersection of technology and finance, policy and practice, to aid clients in devising new models for process optimization. Our methods have been proven to create effective optimization strategies and aid in the implementation of new parameters to support clients in further development of their products.We approach each project with the meticulous care it deserves. Leveraging our extensive industry experience and a network of professional contacts, we provide solutions that are both innovative and grounded in proven practices. We pride ourselves on being agile and responsive, qualities that allow us to address our clients' most pressing needs with precision and speed.Our commitment to you is simple: we apply valuable knowledge gained over the course of our careers in engineering to your most complex challenges. As a firm, we are dedicated to sustainable practices, ethical solutions, and the kind of foresight that only comes with experience.If you're looking for seasoned experts who can offer bespoke chemical engineering consulting services, look no further. We are ready to bring our wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to your next project. Let's collaborate to achieve excellence in your chemical engineering endeavors.

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Eric Wright, Director of Operations

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